Aims and Scope

Organelle is a platform created to share and build upon quality, peer-reviewed research that enhances our understanding of organelles and their roles in human diseases. Though primarily publishing work investigating organelles, our platform intends to facilitate impactful inquiry, discussion, and discovery across the vast range of life science disciplines.                                                                                               

Valuable findings investigating cellular or molecular organelle dynamics, physiological function of organelles, and activity of organelles in the context of human diseases will be considered for publication in Organelle. Organelles include, but are not limited to, membrane-bound mitochondria, ER, endosome, autophagosome, lysosome, Golgi, peroxisomes, and exosomes, and membraneless nucleoli, Cajal bodies, P-bodies, and stress granules arising from liquid–liquid phase separation. Organelle is currently accepting submissions in the form of: research articles, research reports, and reviews.