Information for Reviewers

Organelle aims to offer the scientific community reports that advance our understanding of organelles and their role in human diseases. Reviewers are the cornerstone of ensuring reliable and high quality reports and are consulted for their indispensable service of evaluating manuscripts and returning comments. 


Expectations for Reviewal:

Impartiality and objectivity. If you are unable to evaluate a manuscript without bias, please do not accept it for review. If you have any affiliations that may be regarded as conflicts of interest, please describe them in your confidential comments.

Expertise in research/methods being evaluated. If there are any components of a work that you do not feel qualified to evaluate, in your review please inform the editor.

Helpful and respectful commentary.

Confidentiality. Ensure that the manuscript is not disseminated or exploited and destroy your copy once you have completed the review process.



Considerations for Reviewers of Research Articles/Reports:

Research articles should present novel and insightful advances in our understanding of organelles with strong data, syntheses, methods, or concepts. 

Please evaluate the significance, strength of execution, and novelty of the work by assessing whether: 


Considerations for Reviewers of Review Articles:

Reviews should provide a comprehensive yet concise evaluation of existing research or offer a new synthesis of research investigating organelles and their role(s) in diseases. 

Please evaluate the accuracy, strength of execution, and comprehensibility of the review by assessing whether: 


Thank you for your invaluable contribution to science!